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Kat’s Wisdom Corner: How to Stay “Forever 29”!

by Kat Morrow

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The answer is…just believe you are “Forever 29”! 

They say age is a state of mind and I know this to be true!  I live “Forever 29”!  If you ask me my age…that is the number I will give you…each and every time…each and every year!  Why? I feel it!  I act it!  I live it! I believe it!  So, in my mind, it must be true!  I never think about my age because that would just put limitations on me.  I don’t ever want to think or feel I’m too old to try or learn new things.  I just go along with living as if I’m “Forever 29”.  My aim is to be experiencing life to the fullest…embarking on new challenges…and envisioning I will live the longest life in a very vital and energetic physical, mental, and spiritual state of being.  It’s a great place to live. 

Now, some of my friends or family may tease me that I am “delusional”.  I say, WOW!  Delusional is just fine with me and I laugh it off.  I tell them they should try it sometime…they may be surprised how beautiful and joyful a place it is to live.

Living “Forever 29” shows on my face, shows up in my attitude, and shows up in the way I can easily work my brain and my body.  I exercise both my brain and body every day to keep nimble, flexible, and focused.  I have an attitude of gratitude for choosing to be “Forever 29”! 

How about you? What age do you live at?

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