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What is a Diamond Broker and Why Work With One

by Kat Morrow

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Have you ever heard of a diamond broker? You’ve no doubt heard of a mortgage broker or a stockbroker, but a diamond broker? This highly specialized type of broker exists, and if you’re in the market for buying a diamond now or in the future, you need to know how working with a diamond broker can save you time and money, plus take the stress out of finding your perfect diamond.

Now that you know diamond brokers exist, what’s your first reaction? What are some questions which come to mind? Can I individually work with a diamond broker? How does working with a diamond broker differ from choosing a diamond from a jewelry store or wholesaler? How do I find the right diamond broker for me?

Let’s dive a little deeper and see what it would look like for you to work with a diamond broker.

What is a Diamond Broker?

In my services as a diamond broker, my job is to find you the most exceptional and beautiful diamond at a superb value for your engagement ring or jewelry. A diamond broker is an expert on grading, evaluating, and buying and selling diamonds. They find out in detail what you’re looking for to help narrow their search for the right diamond for you.

We bring your inspiration to life! Diamond brokers don’t own the diamonds, they buy diamonds for you directly from diamond cutters, wholesalers, and trusted sellers and present diamonds to you that are aligned with what you’re looking for. Since there is little to no-overhead for a diamond broker, they pass those savings on to you.

Buying From a Diamond Broker vs. a Jewelry Store

A retail jewelry store has very high overhead with their rent, insurance, employees, etc., including the cost of holding inventory. Since a diamond broker’s sources are direct and do not hold inventory but procure diamonds for you, a substantially lower markup is added to their cost when they sell to you.

How Diamond Brokers Analyze and Trade Diamonds

Diamond brokers are highly qualified diamond traders. They’re experienced in judging the nuances of quality grading for the 4 Cs (cut, clarity, color, carat weight) and beyond and are very skilled at negotiating prices on your behalf. They know the current trends in diamonds and are incredibly knowledgeable, having multiple resources for getting information and sources for buying diamonds. They keep on top of the market and know the daily status of the supply and demand of diamonds.

I’ve bought and sold thousands of diamonds in my decades of working in the fine diamond and jewelry business. In particular, having been in the diamond industry on multiple levels, including being an appraiser as a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist, owner of a small chain of fine diamond and jewelry stores, and now a diamond broker, I’m uniquely qualified to act on your behalf when buying a diamond. I generously share my knowledge and resources with you, so you feel informed and confident with your diamond purchase.

Advantages of Working With a Diamond Broker

Is it starting to make sense how working with a diamond broker can be advantageous?

Lower cost: When you work with a broker, you will pay a small broker’s fee above the price of the diamond, typically an average of 5 to 20%. Since the broker is buying a diamond for you directly from a cutter or wholesaler, you’re saving a significant amount of money when compared to the 100% to 300% or more markup a jewelry retailer will make on a diamond.

Higher quality: A qualified broker, such as myself, is an expert in grading and evaluating diamonds. A broker can determine whether or not a diamond has been properly graded, priced fairly, and calls on their multiple sources to get the right diamond for you. They do not have the limitations of only a few sources most retail jewelry stores have, including their owned inventory.

Saves time: A broker’s efficiency and network connections will save you time and eliminate the stress and guess of your important purchase. Typically, it can take 60 hours of research on your own to find the right diamond vs. putting the search and trust into the hands of the right diamond broker.

Personalized service:  Diamonds are intriguing and mysterious, but you certainly do not want your journey of buying the right diamond to be a mystery. Working with a diamond broker opens up a whole new way of choosing your diamond and getting personalized service and specialized knowledge from someone dedicated to working just for you.

Find the Right Broker:

  1. Remember, as in any industry, not all diamond brokers are created equal.
  2. Do your due diligence in finding a diamond broker with an established reputation, credentials, and resources.
  3. Use your intuition on whom you can trust.
  4. Check-in with your network to see if they have any referrals of brokers they have used.

Consider This

Buying and giving a diamond to your beloved or yourself is an emotional and memorable experience. It’s important to keep this perspective to keep it fun and easy!

I would be honored to walk the journey with you as your diamond broker to call on all my years of experience to help you find an exceptional diamond and ring at superb savings. I invite you to learn more about me, my diamond industry background, and how I’ve helped so many clients find the diamond of their dreams.

Contact Kat, your personal diamond and jewelry expert, for jewelry designs and services you’ll be wild about.

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