About Kat Morrow

Kat Morrow, Private gemologist, Milwaukee, WI

Hello Kindred Lovers of Life!
I'm Kat Morrow—and I’m “wild” about living my best life!!

Having passion and living well are my mantras! Fitness is my Super Power! I’m a Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach, teach BodyPump, love to run, and am active every day. The plants are yummy, so I eat lots of fruits and veggies. Having health and vitality to enjoy life is everything!

I love DIAMONDS…a girl’s best friend! Diamonds are my birthstone…PERFECT!! Wearing fine jewelry made of gold, silver, and platinum makes me feel amazing! I chose the ideal business as I’m surrounded by it every day.

The special people in my circle are my lifeblood, but meeting new people is inspiring too! My passion is to be a positive influence in people’s lives. What excites me is sharing my secrets for living well…and seeing the change in them!! EAT WELL! MOVE MORE! BE POSITIVE & PASSIONATE! WEAR DIAMONDS! Giving back feeds my heart and soul. I give time and treasure often…and that includes animals.

For 25 years, I raised ocelots and margays, felines native to South and Central America. This led me to a being a member of the Board of Directors of the Milwaukee Zoological Society. I get to hang out at our great zoo and support projects which impact animals and habitats worldwide.

Here’s my backstory…

Growing up in Bay View, WI, I had a great Mid-Western upbringing. My parents were the two most incredible people in my life! The love and support they gave, and the values they instilled in me, are deeply embedded in my soul.

As a kid, playing with fun, sparkly jewelry was a joy. Who would have thought it would lead to building an incredible career as a GIA Graduate Gemologist and diamond and jewelry expert?

My mentor, Robert Haack, was one of the most incredible diamond and jewelry minds and a pioneer in the Wisconsin jewelry market. He taught me more about the jewelry business in a few years than I could have learned in my lifetime!

It’s been a great ride following my dreams. I’ve worn all the hats; fine jewelry buyer, appraiser, sales consultant, private gemologist, and personal shopper. The pinnacle was owning a small chain of fine diamond and jewelry stores for over 20 years.

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It’s been exciting to have traveled the world buying jewelry and diamonds and bringing back treasures for my clients. In recognition of my business successes, how cool to be nominated by my peers and selected as “Wisconsin Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” by Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs!

Kat Morrow, Private gemologist, Milwaukee, WI

Why I'm Here

Here’s what I genuinely believe. A happy, healthy, radiant you Is more beautiful than diamonds. You’ll think and feel that way when you connect with me!  I inspire you to live well and help you choose those diamonds, gems, and jewelry that reflect your personality and style and give you more confidence!  This completes your look!  Think how amazing that would feel!  I LOVE THIS PART OF WHAT I DO!!

In this next chapter of my life as a Private Gemologist, I’ve discovered my higher purpose and bring my best to you! Let’s have fun buying, selling, designing, valuing, and wearing beautiful diamonds and jewelry! We will have an exceptional jewelry experience…together! 

God created the beauty of nature for everyone to enjoy!

Live well and wear diamonds!! 


Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) Gemological Institute of America

Highly respected degree and credentials as a diamond and jewelry expert.

Diamond Entrepreneur & Broker

Owner of Robert Haack Diamond Importers for 20 years – a fine diamond and jewelry store in Wisconsin.

Business Leader

WWE Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year Award Recipient.

Animal Conservationist

Raised exotic felines – ocelots and margays – for 25 years.

Governing Board Member Zoological Society of Milwaukee.

Creator of Healthy Lifestyles

Certified Health, Beauty & Lifestyle Coach, Organic Urban Farmer, Personal Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Educator.


A philosophy of giving back to the community with time and treasure.

Business Mentorship

I love being my own boss, from operating a successful home-based business to owning a small chain of prestigious fine diamond and jewelry stores. The freedom and lifestyle are amazing! Ever dream of what it would feel like to own a home-based business centered on inspiring healthy living where you can set your own schedule? Financial independence and time freedom created from being your own boss allow you to enjoy the essential things in life. I want to partner with passionate people desiring to make a difference and wanting more in life.  Maybe it’s time for you to take action!

Keeping Kids Active & Healthy

I love inspiring and mentoring our youth to learn how to live active and healthy lives. I do this by forging partnerships with schools and community sponsors through my NUTRIENT RICH KIDS“Growing Good Health” program. When kids have a hand in learning to garden and produce food, we are empowering them to live healthier lives.

Growing Your Own Produce

“I love being an “urban vertical farmer.” I have so much fun growing my own fresh food in my condo, and I love having access to fresh organic produce every single day – all year round – even in the harsh Wisconsin winters. I simply harvest what I’m going to eat that day for my smoothies or recipes, and the rest keeps growing. It gives me peace of mind controlling my food source and what could be fresher?”  Do you want safer, fresher, healthier organic produce for your family at your fingertips that you’ve grown yourself? 

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My Life Skills