Private Gemologist

Your PERSONAL Jewelry Concierge

As your Private Gemologist, I work on your best behalf to advise you in an honest and unbiased manner when you want to buy or sell fine diamonds and jewelry. My passion and commitment to you is rooted in delivering the highest standard of service, connecting you to my most trusted sources, and ensuring you have confidence you’re getting the best quality and value.

As a GIA Graduate Gemologist, diamond and jewelry buyer and appraiser, and former owner of a multi-store chain of fine jewelry stores, I have unique knowledge and experience in many facets of the jewelry industry. This gives me an insider’s perspective which I happily and generously share with my clients.

So whether you’re buying or selling fine diamonds and jewelry, require expert appraisals and valuations, wish to custom design a one-of-a-kind piece, have me shop with you or for you, need your jewelry repaired or restored, or quite frankly anything diamonds and jewelry…

…let’s work together to have an exceptional jewelry experience.

Expert Guidance

Buy your Engagement Ring with Confidence

Congratulations! Buying an engagement ring may be your first major purchase. You want to make sure your engagement ring selection results in your finding the perfect ring at a great price.

As a GIA Graduate Gemologist with more than 25 years of jewelry buying and selling experience, I can be your guide to answer questions and provide a personalized engagement-ring buying strategy to find the perfect ring and make the process fun and easy!

I’ll share expert education and advice about diamonds and jewelry and their quality, rarity, and pricing so you know that you’re getting best value for your investment. 

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Work with a Diamond Broker

Smarter from a Direct Source

When deciding on the perfect diamond for you, as a GIA Graduate Gemologist, I educate you on all the important factors to consider when buying.

We offer Natural Mined Diamonds with GIA Lab Reports or Certified Lab Grown Diamonds for your assurance of authenticity and quality.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Custom Creating the Design of your Dreams

Do you desire to have a one-of-a-kind custom jewelry creation which reflects your personal taste and style?  It is unique to you…and you alone.  If you want expert advice on the best custom jewelry designer to work with to create the jewelry piece of your dreams, I can assist you. 

I work with several designers and craftsmen whom I have personally vetted on custom design projects and have knowledge of each one’s level of competency. 

We’ll discuss your ideas, pricing, and I’ll explain how a custom project like yours typically progresses. I’ll recommend a custom jeweler to best suit your needs and will arrange the initial meeting and assist in managing the process through the completion of your jewelry piece.

Peace of Mind

Private Gemologist & Personal Shopper

Buying jewelry for someone special can be confusing and intimidating.  You want to find the perfect piece they’ll truly love and appreciate and not just accept because you chose it for them.  And you also want to make sure you’re getting the best value and quality for your investment. 

This is where I come in!

I confidently shop on your behalf, seek out a selection of jewelry from my trusted sources, and do the research to make the process easy and convenient for you. 

I’ll send photos and details of each item I believe might be a good choice. As a gemologist and experienced jewelry professional, I have very high standards and will choose only pieces which meet both our expectations.  


Let's go on a treasure hunt together!

You've organized your closet, what about your jewelry box?

You may have a box of jewelry items you haven’t worn in years and avoid sorting it because it seems too daunting. How do you know what’s fine jewelry and what’s costume? Once it’s sorted, then what? Imagine if this was a fun project instead of a dreaded task?

We can work together to sort through it to make decisions on exactly what to do with each piece. Keep what you love, and consider repairing, restyling, or selling pieces.

I’ll help you outline a strategy and organize your pieces, take note of everything you own, and make sure all items have professional appraisals and valuations. I’ll even make referrals and appointments for you with trusted Jewelers and goldsmiths. 

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Jewelry Repairs & RESTORATION

Keep your Jewelry in Good Repair & Condition

Fine jewelry is meant be worn daily and often to enjoy its beauty and special meaning. Jewelry is not indestructible though, and it requires periodic inspection, maintenance, and upkeep by a qualified jewelry pro.

Invite me over to methodically and respectfully inspect each of your fine jewelry items. I’ll make recommendations on how to proceed with repair as needed, or resizing, restyling. 

I’ll make appointments for you, get quotes, and personally deliver them back to you upon completion.

Keep your jewelry like new and enjoy it for decades to come!

Family Heirlooms

Inherited Jewelry

You’ve just inherited family jewelry or are the executor of an estate with a box of jewelry and you have no idea where to start on how to determine its quality or value.

This is where my services as a Private Gemologist makes the process easy for you. I have literally sorted thousands of boxes of jewelry – with just a few items or hundreds of pieces – to identify its contents and divide it into fine vs. costume pieces to determine quality and value.

To start, we’ll fact find to uncover what your intentions are for keeping, dividing, or liquidating the jewelry. I’ll evaluate the items to make it easier when dividing amongst family members, donating, liquidating, repairing, redesigning, and knowing which pieces to get formally appraised.

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Out With the Old, In With the New

Selling Your Jewelry

Do you have pieces of fine jewelry that have been sitting in your jewelry box or safety deposit box for years because you just weren’t sure what to do with it?

I can help make the process of liquidating your jewelry a lot less daunting. We’ll go through your items to determine value, pricing, and what you can expect throughout the process. 

I can either direct you to a few trusted jewelers who you can visit to get an offer on your jewelry, or I can personally and discreetly sell your jewelry through my own network of reputable jewelers, on-line dealers, private buyers, estate dealers, and other related companies. I’ll maximize your potential profit and reach the right buyers as efficiently as possible. 

Valuations and Liquidation

Estates & Trusts with Fine Jewelry Assets

If you’re in a position as the trustee, executor, or attorney for an estate or trust, I can assist you in inventory management such as identification, valuation, and liquidation of the fine jewelry assets.  

As a Private Gemologist, I have extensive knowledge and experience in managing fine jewelry estates whether it’s a single item or hundreds of items.  

I can perform inventory documentation, inspection and testing of the jewelry, and review estate/trust documentation and appraisals either onsite or either at my home laboratory.

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ensure your jewelry is protected

Jewelry Appraisals & Valuation

Enjoy your jewelry! Make sure you’re protected against any loss or damage by keeping a detailed appraisal and valuation of your jewelry on file with your insurance agent. As a GIA Graduate Gemologist, I have performed expert appraisals for the past 25 years. I do have expertise and competency to perform most jewelry appraisals and evaluations of your fine jewelry.

If there are unique or special and rare items which are outside my scope of knowledge and practice, I have a trusted network of qualified appraisers I will consult with and refer this appraisal work to.

Since I know what constitutes a professional appraisal, I will review your existing appraisals and recommend updating the description details and values, if needed, or recommend new appraisals for those items which do not have an existing one.   

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Online Purchase Consultation

Everyone with a laptop or smartphone shops online—even for fine jewelry! It’s convenient and saves time, but it can also be risky. How do you know you’re buying from a reputable company?  Is the quality as stated? Are you getting the best value for your investment?

Rest easy in knowing that when you work with me as your Private Gemologist, I’ll give you the advantage of having an experienced expert to consult with to review the details of the purchase before you commit to buying. I’ll advise you on quality and value, review GIA certifications, check the policy on returns or exchanges, and advise or help negotiate pricing.

I will inspect and appraise the jewelry or diamond/gemstone upon arrival to verify the quality and value.  If you need to have the jewelry sized, have the stone set or want to custom design a piece, I can recommend the best jewelers and designers to work with to make your jewelry item complete.  

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Diamonds, Dumbbells & Designs

Ready to look in the mirror and see a more youthful, vibrant and stylish woman staring back at you?   

Imagine how you would feel if you had the body of your dreams. Fit! Healthy!  Glowing Skin! Fun, Stylish Clothes! Gorgeous Jewelry Accessories!

What is the key to having all that? It’s Nature!! Nature holds the answer and provides us the most amazing gifts to live a vibrant, healthy, and beautiful life.

As your Lifestylist, Private Gemologist and Health Coach/Fitness Professional, we will work together to design your best life! We start with a Jewelry Box Makeover and Fashion Styling. We talk about your health and fitness goals and create a customized plan  just for you.