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Stories of Intrigue: Women in Diamond Mining

by Kat Morrow

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Women in Diamond Mining: The Karowe Diamond Mine in Botswana


Women play a key role in the Karowe diamond mine located in Botswana on the continent of Africa. Traditionally a male-dominated industry, this thriving mine, owned by Lucara, is rich in diamonds and is headed up by a female CEO. 75% of its executive committee is women, and 31% of the workforce is women.

No glass ceiling here! Women are leading the way! This mine is positively supported by the community at large, and residents have very positive experiences and feedback on the value this mining operation brings to their way of life regarding improvements, opportunities, healthcare, better education, and higher economic status, amongst other things.

Even though the Karowe mine is relatively small, the mine has yielded an inordinate number of large, high-value Type IIA diamonds. “We are the only mine in world history to recover three diamonds over 1,000 carats in size,” said Lucara’s CEO, Eira Thomas.

This article is both fascinating and intriguing and will shatter the myth that diamond mining operations have a negative impact on the environment and community. Read on, and also watch the video to get the inside story of this diamond mining operation.

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