diamond solitaire pendant

A Neck Draped in a Single Diamond Lights Up Your Face & Soul

by Kat Morrow

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A single diamond solitaire pendant is simply beautiful around every neck. Most women have one or dream of one. These beautiful single-diamond pendants are so versatile they can be worn with everything from T-shirts and jeans to an evening gown.

They’re timeless and elegant, and with all the unique shapes of diamonds, setting designs, and fun chain links, you can create one unique to you. And you get to choose exactly the size, shape, and quality of your diamond pendant….from one-quarter carat to two carats or more! Women are choosing to invest in beautiful diamond solitaire necklaces because they make them feel joyful and beautiful!

Designs to Showcase your Diamond Solitaire

Basket Solitaire Diamond Pendant

This setting is exquisite, as the diamond appears floating on the chain. It’s a simple four-prong setting, with each chain end attached to the top two little rings. 

Double Bale Solitaire Diamond Pendant

When you think of a diamond pendant, this is most likely the setting that pops your head. It’s a four-prong setting suspended from a double bale (double loops) to suspend the diamond pendant evenly on the chain.

Bezel-Set Solitaire Diamond Pendant

Another setting that’s trending right now is the bezel-set solitaire. The diamond is nestled in a ring of metal—you can see the metal around the diamond. The diamond is very protected in this type of setting. It has a simple, sleek, modern look. Don’t worry the metal will overpower the diamond. It’s quite the opposite. The metal enhances the overall look and detailed design of the pendant.

Halo Solitaire Diamond Pendant

The halo setting is for those who want a statement piece. A ring of smaller diamonds surrounds the diamond solitaire. It’s usually suspended on the chain which feeds through the back to appear to be floating or hung from a decorative bale at the top.

Milgrain Solitaire Diamond Pendant

If you’re looking for something with a vintage vibe, a milgrain setting would be perfect. Milgrain refers to the tiny, decorative small beads which border a diamond solitaire. It adds texture and beautiful detail without looking too over the top. 

Unique Shape Pendant

Think designs made of swirls, sweeps, bars, angles, or curves to describe the thousands of ways you can showcase your beautiful solitaire diamond. You can use a small amount of metal to accent your diamond or make the metal an important part of the design for extra flair.  

Unique Ideas for your Solitaire Diamond Pendant

You can stray from the traditional white diamond and go for a unique colored diamond for your solitaire pendant. Diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. Blue, pink, and green diamonds are rare, meaning you’d have a unique pendant not many others would have. Natural yellow—or canary colored diamonds—are more abundant so not as pricey as the more rare colors.  Black, champagne, and salt and pepper diamonds are unique and less expensive as well.  

Diamonds with more inclusions and blemishes—lower on the clarity scale—will be less expensive. Don’t worry about anyone noticing from afar. People won’t get close enough to notice those few inclusions. The key is to always select a well-cut diamond which is brilliant and will glisten and show scintillation when you move your head.  

Lab-grown diamonds are also an option as they grow in popularity to get a much larger diamond for the money vs. natural grown diamonds. These diamonds have the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds, and are graded for cut, color, clarity, and carat just as natural diamonds. You can’t tell the difference with the naked eye.

Lastly, you don’t have to stick with a round-cut diamond for your pendant. Why not choose another fancy diamond cut like pear, cushion, princess, square, heart, emerald, radiant, oval, or marquise. Any of these shapes would be beautiful as a pendant and make your design that much more unique.

Wouldn’t it be fun to create a custom pendant that perfectly reflects you and your style? I can help you choose the perfect pendant, starting with the color, cut, setting, and chain style, while getting an exceptional experience for a smarter spend. I invite you to book an appointment with me or Contact me today to find out more!

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