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Kat’s Wisdom Corner: We’re Headed for an Awakening

by Kat Morrow

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There’s a Revolution Coming

A revival, actually! I have been sensing an especially strong spiritual awakening of my own in the last few years. A pull to know my own unique purpose and becoming more drawn to the higher power responsible for giving me this awareness and desire to become my best self.

This energy is the driving force behind my business and my passion for serving my clients. I’m “leveling up” my consciousness so I don’t miss any part of the greatest time to be alive! I’ve noticed this too in others around me…they may or may not even be aware it is happening. They may just have a knowing or feeling something positive is happening. Are you feeling a positive shift in your own energy? Open your heart to become more aware.

Thinking back, my mom used to say to me all the time – “Slow down and take time to smell the roses.” I thought it was a silly saying when I was a kid. It had no impact then. Little did I know how powerful those words actually are. It’s amazing what you see, hears, and feel when you actually pause and reflect.

A whole new world opens up to you. When I settle down and go inside, especially during meditation, I get so many insights and answers that have eluded me. I’m excited and ready for this revolution…this revival. I want to be a part of it! The best is yet to come…do you feel it too?

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