It’s never too late to forgive and reconnect

Kat’s Wisdom Corner: It’s Never Too Late…

by Kat Morrow

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It’s never too late to forgive and reconnect…

As long as there is breath and a heartbeat, it’s never too late to reconnect with someone you’ve been missing in your life. Sometimes disconnects or separations in relationships happen with or without reason or known circumstances. Sometimes it’s a major event or trauma, a silly disagreement, a miscommunication and misunderstanding…or a million other reasons. Sometimes it’s just a growing apart…a lack of giving time or effort to keep the relationship alive.

I recently had an unexpected reconnection. It was a chance meeting with my nephew and his sons. I had not seen him in 18 years and had not met his two sons. We never personally had a “falling out”, but his estrangement from our side of the family, I believe, was more precipitated by his father’s perception and influence on him.

I was happy to see him…especially since he is almost the spitting image of my dad. I approached him confidently without fear of rejection for my space was filled with love and respect so he would know that no matter how much time had passed, there was no animosity for that separation on my end. I planted a seed.  A seed which may grow and flourish, or a seed which may not thrive. But if there is any chance now or in the future he may wish to knock on the door to reconnecting, he now knows it will not be met with any hostility, but with gratitude for this possibility. 

His sons were awesome young men, 19 and 14, who never really knew they have two great-aunts. Nor do they know they have several first cousins. I feel sad sometimes I never got to know them, and that they never got to know all of us. We’ve all missed out!  You can’t look back with regret.  It’s best to look forward with hope.

In parting after our brief interaction, I wished them well, said how wonderful it was to meet them, and how I will pray for God’s intervention to make it possible for us all to meet again. I stated, “family really is important isn’t it”. I hope their curious young minds might be the spark their father needs to make that happen. If not, I will be peaceful in knowing I had the courage to step up and approach them. It’s now in God’s hands. I’m pretty cool with that.

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