Miss Univers Diamond Crowns

Stories of Intrigue: Everything You Need to Know About the Miss Universe Diamond Crowns

by Kat Morrow

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Miss Universe Competition

“Since its first-ever pageant in 1952, the Miss Universe competition has bestowed its winners with a stunning crown made of some of the world’s most precious materials, including diamonds. From crowns specially made for the international pageant to royal headpieces given to the organization, they have always been show-stoppers.

Throughout the pageant’s almost 70-year history, 10 crowns have been made or passed onto the pageant and crowned upon the head of the winner. Some of the early crowns were made with pearls and rhinestones, but the more recent crowns, including this year’s Mouawad stunner, the Force for Good crown, have been covered in diamonds.

“The Force for Good crown is a work of extraordinary craftsmanship,” said Fred Mouawad at the crown’s unveiling in December 2022. “It’s a crown filled with symbolism. And we hope it will inspire not only the winners, but all of you to be a force for good.” He added that the crown represents “a future forged by women who push the limits of what’s possible”.

Click on the link below to see a glimpse of some of the pageant’s most favorite crowns and fun facts about the diamond pieces.


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