open your door. open your heart.

Kat’s Wisdom Corner: Open Your Door. Open Your Heart.

by Kat Morrow

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Be kind…be inclusive in bringing your family, friends, neighbors – and sometimes strangers – into your holiday celebration circle.  Kindness – and generosity – are good habits to form. The more you do it, the easier and more rewarding it becomes! 

Doesn’t this make sense any time of the year…but especially during the holidays when you can bring so much joy into someone’s life by simply acknowledging they are “welcome” and “appreciated” in your life and you want them to share in your joy of the season. Now is the time to open your door…and your heart…to make sure the important people in your life have a place to be…a celebration to attend…and have those connections with others important to them, too!

Also, don’t forget strangers are put into our pathways to test us too!  If you are in a position to help…and can…then you must!  If you walk away…I am sorry for you, not them.

The last few years have been very divisive, but so much healing and acceptance is taking place. Make an effort to reunite with those you have fallen away from. Put aside egos to realize life is too short and people can be gone from your life forever in an instant. Don’t waste any more time!  LET IT GO! LET IT GO! LET IT GO!

And if you come into the pathway of someone like another family member, friend, or neighbor with nowhere to go for Christmas Eve/Day, invite them to celebrate with you and your family. I’ve heard excuses for not sharing your home or time with others, such as “It’s our tradition to celebrate only with our family.” Really? What kind of tradition is that to be selfish and exclusive? Well, it may be time to change that tradition and be more giving.

Now, when meeting a stranger alone or in need, if you don’t feel comfortable inviting them into your home, make some comforting gesture or acknowledgment. If it’s in your power to buy them a meal or a gift card to a grocery store for food, etc., give and give as generously as you can afford to.

It’s interesting how I see the people with the most needs themselves give most often to others they perceive as having more needs than their own. In other words, sometimes the least give the most. That’s the type of person I try to emulate!

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