Kat’s Wisdom Corner: I’m Happy On Purpose!!

by Kat Morrow

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Yes…I’ve designed my life that way. 

I am “happy on purpose”!  It helps being a morning person as it’s typically very easy for me to rise and hit the ground running.  I’m genuinely excited to feel so alive and healthy and energetic enough to dive into the day.  I start each day deciding to be happy…and it happens!

Even if it’s a chore to drag yourself out of bed, drink 3 cups of coffee before the brain fog leaves, and you’re up to facing the day, you can still choose to be happy about living another day!

Each evening, my routine is to create a written “To Do” list for the following day so when I wake up, I have a game plan to follow.  For the most part, I know what I’m up to, but I also allow for flexibility for cancellations, new opportunities – and good and bad surprise things!  I’m happier when I feel mostly in control of my schedule, but realistic when there are detours. 

I personally believe the key to being happy is to make a conscious choice to do so!  In my case, it’s just a state of mind…an expectation to be happy that I’ve set for myself.  Oh, hell yes!  That is correct!  I expect to be happy!  Now of course there are times I am sad or anxious or angry and a whole slew of other emotions. 

That’s life too!  But there’s a huge difference between mood and mindset.  Like everyone, I can get into some funky moods…but my underlying mindset is always happy. And having a positive state of mind allows me to get balance back into my life much more quickly.

To be happy, you need to make sure to incorporate things into each day which purposely make you happy.  What’s that for you?  For me, I start with a short meditation, early morning beauty routine, take a run and get a workout in, pull myself together to look great in my favorite athleisure wear or favorite outfits, and accessorize with jewelry.  I breakup my day with an afternoon walk, hang out and converse with my fiancée Dan, and interact with other positive people at work, at the gym, online, or in person and randomly throughout my day.

I can end on as happy a note as when I began. I try to fill my day with happy thoughts and experiences. 

It’s not really that hard to be happy on purpose.  No rocket science here!  What do you need to do to live your life “Happy on Purpose”?

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