Summer Trends for Jewelry: Color and Style

Summer Trends for Jewelry: Color and Style

by Kat Morrow

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As summer approaches, the world of jewelry begins to shimmer with vibrant trends set to dominate the season.

As a private gemologist, I have the passion and pleasure of witnessing firsthand the ebb and flow of design preferences, stone choices, and styling combinations. This summer, it’s all about making bold statements with color and embracing styles which reflect personal flair and creativity. Let’s dive into the summer trends for 2024 sure to make your jewelry collection sparkle in the sun!

Bright and Bold Colors

This season, summer jewelry is taking a vibrant turn with bold colors leading the charge. Gone are the days of playing it safe with neutral tones—2024 is all about embracing vivid hues which reflect the joy and energy of summer. Here are a few standout colors to incorporate into your collection:

  • Turquoise: Evoking the clear skies and tropical oceans, turquoise is a summer staple which pairs beautifully with both casual wear and more formal attire.
  • Coral: Inspired by ocean reefs, coral adds a playful touch to any outfit, making it perfect for summer festivities.
  • Yellow: Bright and cheerful, yellow gemstones like citrine and yellow diamonds are sure to light up any ensemble, echoing the sunny days of the season.

Eclectic Mix of Materials

This year, there’s a significant move towards mixing different materials in jewelry. Combining metals, such as gold and silver, with unconventional materials like leather, fabric, or even recycled elements, speaks to a more personalized approach to style. This trend not only adds a unique touch to each piece but also allows for greater creativity in how jewelry is worn and styled.

Oversized Everything

In terms of style, bigger is definitely better this summer. Oversized chains, pendants, and earrings are all the rage, providing a focal point for any outfit. Whether it’s a large, chunky necklace or big, bold hoop earrings, these pieces are meant to stand out and complement the relaxed yet sophisticated vibe of summer fashion.

Layering and Stacking

Layering continues to be a popular trend, offering versatility and a way to showcase individuality through jewelry. This summer, think beyond simple chains—mix textures and lengths, combine pendants with chokers, and don’t shy away from mixing metals. Stacking rings and bracelets also continues to be popular, allowing for dynamic combinations which can be adjusted to match any occasion or outfit.

Return of Vintage

There is a beautiful resurgence of vintage styles this summer, with a modern twist. Art Deco influences are making a comeback, characterized by geometric shapes and intricate detailing. These vintage-inspired designs blend historical elegance with contemporary fashion, creating pieces both timeless and trendy.

Sustainable and Ethical Choices

More than ever, the demand for sustainability and ethical sourcing in jewelry is influencing summer trends. Consumers are increasingly interested in where their jewelry comes from and how it is made. Opting for ethically sourced gemstones and recycled metals is not just a trend—it’s a movement towards responsible fashion which enhances the beauty of each piece with the story of its creation.

Wrapping Up

This summer, embrace the trends which speak to you, whether it’s through the joyful use of color, the boldness of oversized pieces, or the charm of vintage designs. Remember, the best accessory is one which resonates with your personal style and values. So, as you enjoy the warm weather and sunny days, let your jewelry be an expression of your vibrant personality and ethical choices. Happy styling!

I have a keen eye for emerging trends and a deep understanding of gemology, providing a unique perspective on how to incorporate these gemstone and jewelry trends into your everyday style. For more insights and personalized advice on building a stunning and sustainable jewelry collection, connect with me directly!  I’m happy to offer a free 30 minute consultation call to offer my advice! 

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