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Jewelry Expert

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Imagine having your own Private Gemologist advising you in an honest and
unbiased manner about everything diamonds and jewelry. 

this girl knows diamonds

As a private gemologist, I can help you with...

Expert advice to buy and sell fine diamonds and jewelry with confidence.

Working with trusted sources, purchase with confidence you’re getting quality at the best value. 

Direct Source for Natural Mined Diamonds with GIA Laboratory Reports or Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

Design the perfect one-of-a-kind jewelry piece to reflect your personal taste and style.

Be confident in buying the perfect jewelry for your special someone. Less stress and no guess!

Take note of everything you own and make sure all items have current professional appraisals and

Professional inspection of your fine jewelry to repair and restore it to beautiful, like-new condition.

Have confidence you’re getting the best offer from trusted sources.

Sort through the jewelry items to get valuations and advice on selling or keeping and restoring.

Assisting in cataloging, valuation and liquidating jewelry collections for estates, trusts, and divorce

Rediscover your jewelry box! Identify your fine vs. costume pieces. Refresh your jewelry or redesign it
into new updated pieces you can enjoy wearing again.

Coordinate your jewelry and wardrobe. Update your look and discover new combinations.

Take the risk out of buying on-line. Review the details of your purchase before you commit and inspect
it upon arrival to verify the quality and value.

Ready to look in the mirror and see a more youthful, vibrant and stylish woman staring back at you? As your Life Stylist, Private Gemologist and Health Coach/Fitness Professional, we’ll work together to design your best life; starting with a Jewelry Box Makeover and Fashion Styling!


—Ana Claudia Antunes

As your Private Gemologist, I work on your best behalf to advise you in an honest and unbiased manner when you want to buy or sell fine diamonds and jewelry. My passion and commitment to you is rooted in delivering the highest standard of service, connecting you to my most trusted sources, and ensuring you have confidence you’re getting the best quality and value.

As a GIA Graduate Gemologist, diamond and jewelry buyer and appraiser, and former owner of a multi-store chain of fine jewelry stores, I have unique knowledge and experience in many facets of the jewelry industry. This gives me an insider’s perspective which I happily and generously share with my clients.

So whether you’re buying or selling fine diamonds and jewelry, require expert appraisals and valuations, wish to custom design a one-of-a-kind piece, have me shop with you or for you, need your jewelry repaired or restored, or quite frankly anything diamonds and jewelry…

…let’s work together to have an exceptional jewelry experience.


…a gift from nature so wondrous it possesses the power to enhance your beauty by accentuating the radiant glow of your healthy skin. From deep within the earth – diamonds – the “Beauty of Nature” were discovered. Diamonds are symbolic of one of the rarest and most fascinating light shows exhibiting a magnificent unrivaled brilliance. Diamonds – coupled with your healthy, glowing skin – create a stunning combination to capture the vibrant, healthy & beautiful way you want to look and feel.

Kind Words From Satisfied Customers

So I did a thing! I was really wanting to update my wedding ring, and I of course reached out to my good friend Kat Morrow. What we were able to create was nothing short of amazing! This ring Is not only stunning, its perfect, and made specifically for me. The head where the diamond sits is a lotus flower!!! The jeweler created an exact replica of my lotus tattoo, and I am just thrilled with this amazing ring. Beyond happy!!
As complete newcomers looking to buy engagement rings in the fine jewelry and diamond market, we were at a loss on where to go, what to ask for, and what was possible. Kat was our saving grace and guiding light throughout our entire journey. Her bubbly personality, and passion for the industry, were apparent from the very first call we had with her. She was always willing to go above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable, informed, and more than okay with our new investment. She slowed down to teach us the basics of fine diamonds and jewelry, gave recommendations on timeless styles, and made connections to the best in the business. We were ultimately able to dream up and customize our own engagement rings. They turned out stunningly and we couldn't be happier with the process and outcome. We can't think of anyone better than Kat to assist with your next exceptional jewelry experience. She is truly the best.
Connor Jonas, Drew Hensley
Nathan Hammell
I spent months searching, trying to find rings that stood out to me, something that was unique. I went to jewelry shops, browsed endless online vendors, and randomly stumbled upon a recommendation for Kat. I had all my plans set for the proposal, vacation booked, and fast approaching but no ring. I initially reached out to Kat because I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing. Within the week, I had a consultation with Kat set up. Kat was very welcoming and patient as she explained different possibilities. I informed her of the timeline I was up against, and she was more than accommodating. Kat was able to provide unique perspectives and apply her vast experience to help me create exactly what I was looking for. Never once did I feel like she was pushing me in a specific direction, but rather guiding me to make informed decisions. As someone who has never purchased jewelry before, I felt as if I was in good hands the entire time. Kat provided updates on the rings and delivered the rings to me with plenty of time to spare before we left for our trip. Kat even went above and beyond to ask me about the proposal details, supplying me with ring bags that were easier to conceal & providing me with fun suggestions that I definitely took! If you are like me, feeling overwhelmed with the choices, designs, price points and all else that is involved with purchasing an engagement ring, look no further than Kat. Not only did Kat provide an excellent final product, but the process felt more like an experience. I could not have asked for a better experience. My fiancé was overly happy with the proposal, the rings and we are extremely excited to start this next chapter in our lives. Kat, thank you for everything. It cannot be said how much both of us appreciate you and how you’ve helped us start this journey off on the right foot ❤️.