Get Your Dream Engagement Ring and Still Be Surprised

Get Your Dream Engagement Ring and Still Be Surprised

by Kat Morrow

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How to Get your Dream Engagement Ring When Your Partner Wants to Surprise You

You can’t stop dreaming of your perfect engagement ring. You also know your partner wants to surprise you.  How do you make both of your dreams come true?   Read on for some helpful tips.

Enlist a Best Friend to Casually Drop Info

Make sure your best friend knows the exact engagement ring you’re dreaming about, and have them strike up a casual conversation about engagement rings with your partner. Send some photos to your friend, so there’s no room for misinterpretation.

And if you feel your partner isn’t quite sure what you’re talking about, you can say, “go talk to (Josh/Megan) to find out what I want.” And maybe you can enlist them as a shopping buddy to search for the perfect ring.

Start a Pinterest Board

Pinterest is the go-to platform when it comes to all things for planning and dreaming. Create a Pinterest Board entitled “Engagement Ring” and share it with your partner. It’s easier to convey what you think when you show someone a photo. After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” 

Having a photo will also help your partner show the jeweler or private gemologist exactly what your dream ring looks like. As a private gemologist, and personal shopper, I can help your partner find the perfect diamond and setting, and I can have my custom jeweler design a one-of-a-kind ring. 


Instagram is the easiest way to drop hints about what kind of engagement ring you want. How easy is it to stop your scroll and say, “Honey, check out this engagement ring! I like the setting and diamond cut, but it would look cool if it were a two-carat, and I love its white gold.”

There you go. You’ve just described exactly what you want in cut, size, type of gold, and the setting style. Send your partner the post to use as a guide when choosing your perfect engagement ring.

Shop Together

It would seem that shopping together could ruin the surprise, but it won’t.

A lot goes into a surprise engagement, so you’re helping out by making it much easier to purchase the ring. You can choose a few you really love so your partner has the ultimate decision in the final choice to surprise you.  Hint…but be sure to point out your favorite.  All your partner has to do is pick out the perfect ring and ensure all other logistics for the surprise are falling into place.

Shopping together also allows you to have your ring finger sized so that when you get engaged, you can wear the ring from that day forward instead of waiting a few days to resize it. 

Make a Wish List

I can help you find the perfect diamond and setting by making a Wish List with me. Then drop my name or you can casually leave my business card lying on the table or talk about my services while hanging out with friends, “Hey, did you know you can hire a private gemologist to help you shop for diamonds and find the perfect engagement ring?”  I have many clients all over the country I do this process with!  What a fun discovery we make!

Have an Honest Conversation

Suppose you and your partner have entered the engagement phase of your relationship. In that case, you’re already having some real and raw conversations around finances, religion, your relationship, if you want to start a family, and how you want to build your dream life together as a couple.

Why not open the conversation to engagement rings too? After all, your engagement ring is one of the longest-lasting investments you’ll make as a couple, other than purchasing a home. Both of you need to be on the same page in ensuring you get the style you want and how much to spend on the ring.

Communication is the easiest way to share your wishes when it comes to an engagement ring. Have fun with it. Be playful. Enjoy the whole process of planning, anticipating the surprise, and the excitement of knowing you get to create a beautiful life with the one person you love most.

I have been helping couples find their dream engagement rings for over 30 years and have been part of many beautiful, magical, and fun surprises! Why not book an appointment with me to get truly individualized service and an exceptional experience for a smarter spend? Contact me today to find out more!

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