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Kat’s Wisdom Corner: Do You Generously Give to Strangers?

by Kat Morrow

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I have always been drawn to helping people whom I feel are in need. Sometimes it’s obvious…sometimes, it’s intuitive. Particularly, if I sense someone is hungry or thirsty, I will buy them food or a drink or give them the food I just bought. It’s my nature to give money to people who are standing with a sign asking for a donation. Why?  You may ask, how do I know they are not trying to scam me?

Maybe they are hustlers who are not really in need. I say…so what…that is none of my business. I cannot control their intention…I can only control mine. If I am giving with a generous heart and their own intention is not honorable…that’s on them, not me! God will judge them. It’s not my place to judge them. I see it like this…they are standing out there in all sorts of weather and conditions hoping for a few dollars.

Well, God bless them for that.  It takes guts, courage, and humbleness…even if they don’t have the right intention.  I feel a sense of peace when I give without hesitation and never even give a second thought about what they intend to do with the money or gift. 

When I give, I always look them in the eyes and smile – and I always get a thank you back. I want them to feel and know I care about them…and it is a joy for me to be in a position to help. If they are Godly and equally as generous in nature, then they likely will pay it forward, for it’s so interesting those with the least seem to be the ones who share the most.  

Look…I drive a nice car, wear beautiful clothes and jewelry, have a warm home and bed to sleep in, and have plenty of good food to eat. And the way I look at it, with all the abundance I have been gifted, if I can’t even open my heart and my wallet to give someone $5 or $10 or $50 or whatever moves me, then something is wrong with my character if I would be so selfish to look the other way.

It’s not even what you give that matters to them…it’s that someone acknowledges them. Do you realize how even giving something small can impact someone’s life so much? In fact, I keep some bills in my car just for these occasions. I’m ready to give at any moment!

And it’s not always money or food someone needs. You don’t need money to make someone’s day. Sometimes just a sincere compliment or a smile can change someone’s life. Doing kind deeds for others who may be struggling will make both of your days…believe me. Common courtesy is a gift that goes a long way. If someone is struggling with packages to open a door, or trips and falls, or drops something…help them.

Don’t walk by.  Don’t wait for someone else to step up and do what you should have done. And for goodness’ sake, always wait the extra second to hold the door for someone walking in behind you. When someone doesn’t do that for me, I call them a “dope” under my breath.  HaHa!  

So, think about this…if you would look upon everyone as your brother or sister…would you be kinder? Well, the fact is every one of us is God’s child…we are sons and daughters of a king and therefore are connected by Him! Our Father gave us the greatest gift of all…His son, Jesus Christ, died for our sins and salvation. He set the bar high and would never expect us to give a gift of this magnitude, but He does expect us to love, respect, and help others. So I do my best.  But I can do better…I will do better.  

My challenge to myself and to you is to make a positive difference in one person’s life – or more – each day for the next month. It won’t be hard to find those people…they are all around us. We have just not paid enough attention. Let’s all slow down a little and lift our noses up from our phones. Then when that new habit is solidified, it will come more naturally to help. Are you up for it?

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