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by Kat Morrow

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Did curiosity really kill the cat? I don’t think so…or this Kat would be dead long ago! Ha!

Secrets can only be revealed if you are curious enough to seek the answers. This is how I interpret Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote. Thankfully, I was born curious and have remained extraordinarily curious my entire life.

A lifelong learner and seeker of knowledge, truth, and adventure, I am constantly digging and asking questions to learn, understand, do, and become more. The last thing I want to become is stagnant in my thinking or in my living of life.

I believe once we expand our minds by keeping curious, they can no longer return to their original size. I don’t automatically dismiss it if someone tells me something, even if it sounds unbelievable or farfetched. I ask questions to qualify the information and then do further research to either validate it, debunk it, or file it in my mind for further exploration if an answer is not immediate.

If someone tells me I can’t do something or go somewhere, that’s an automatic signal for my brain to find out why and seek a way I can do it or go there.  I don’t take “no” too easily or literally. 

I have observed too many people are very closed-minded and don’t care to hear other theories which go against their belief system. I never stay in the box. Just because it is what we were taught or led to believe does not mean it is true. Make sense?  The next time you’re presented with an opportunity like this…take pause…and take a chance.  

What level of curiosity do you operate at? If you’re comfortable fine…but that which lies outside your level of comfort could be something extraordinary you’re missing out on.

Curious to find out? Push past your comfort zone and GO FOR IT!

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