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Jewelry Box Makeover: Refresh and Restyle your Jewelry into New Pieces You’ll Love Wearing

by Kat Morrow

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Jewelry boxes. Those beautiful ornate chests…or simple trays…filled with our most precious treasures. Rings, bracelets, and necklaces hold memories and sentimental value or commemorate special events.

You have the go-to pieces you wear daily, but most go unworn because they’re not your style or are symbols of the past you can’t part with. Or maybe you still love the style, but they are broken and in need of repair or resizing, and doing so – along with brightening up and polishing – will make that piece wearable again.  

Have you thought of restyling and repurposing some of those pieces? It’s easier than you think to transform old jewelry pieces into something you’d be proud to wear.

How to Get Started

To start, take everything out of your jewelry box and lay it out so you can see what you have.  Then separate each piece, or pair of earrings, into four separate piles. 

  1. To keep.
  2. To give away to friends or family members.
  3. To sell.
  4. To repurpose.

Give each piece some thought before you make your decision. Sometimes it’s best to hang on to a piece of jewelry with great sentimental value even if you’re never going to wear it—once it’s gone, you can never get it back.

It’s only natural to question whether or not to have a piece restyled out of respect for the loved one who gifted it. When you repurpose, redesign, or restyle a sentimental piece, even though it’ll look a bit different, know you’re honoring the memory of the person who gave it to you and the story which goes along with it. 

Instead of keeping the brooch your grandmother gave you tucked away in your jewelry box because the setting is just too ornate or dated, you can repurpose the diamonds and gems to design them into a bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings—maybe even all three if there are enough gemstones!

You’ll proudly wear the newly redesigned piece(s) and feel her presence as you tell the story each time you receive a compliment.

Restyle, Repurpose, and Redesign Ideas

Many of us have rings in gold, silver, or platinum settings, metal bands, and chains we never wear anymore. You can either sell the metal, have it melted down, or reuse it to offset the cost of repurposing some jewelry pieces. 

Platinum can be difficult to melt down, but a jeweler can open the ring setting and mill it to create a bale for a gorgeous pendant.

Turn a solitaire engagement ring from a previous relationship into a mother’s ring by adding the birthstones of each child on either side of the diamond. You can have a beautiful new pendant set with the diamond from that solitaire or purchase a matching diamond and turn that solitaire diamond into a pair of earrings. Redesign the setting and enjoy a right-hand ring as a symbol of independence. 

Finding the Right Designer & Goldsmith

Creating a custom jewelry piece can feel overwhelming and intimidating.

There’s a lot to consider when hiring a designer. You’ll need to ask them where they trained and what credentials and certifications they have. Ask them what type of insurance they carry—you’ll need to know what’s covered and what isn’t should they damage your jewelry.

Make sure the jeweler is entirely transparent when it comes to costs. You’ll need to understand how redesigning your piece will affect its value and how much it’ll cost to redesign.

Taking the “Overwhelm” out of the Equation

Sometimes making these decisions can seem quite overwhelming. After all, it’s both an emotional decision and a financial decision.  It would be wise to get the opinion of an independent source who can guide you in making the right decision and then expertly navigate you through the process. As a Private Gemologist,  I can help with all of this! I have decades of experience in fine jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, precious metals, and jewelry design and appraising. I have trusted sources I collaborate with and will walk you through and help oversee the entire process from start to finish, so you know exactly what to expect.  

Going through your jewelry box is a walk down memory lane. I’ll offer different options based on the stones and settings you have. We’ll discuss what you like and don’t like about your current pieces and style and brainstorm ideas for the new designs. If you’re repairing and refreshing, I can recommend the best goldsmiths to take special care of your jewelry. Plus, as a Graduate Gemologist, I can ensure your jewelry items are properly appraised for insurance purposes in case of loss or damage.  

Wouldn’t it be fun to refresh, restore or redesign those special pieces and show them off daily? I’ll listen as you share your ideas and get you to open up to new ideas you may not have thought of. Open communication is the best way to create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind, meaningful piece of jewelry from something that already has a lot of sentimental value.  

Let me help you with your own “Jewelry Box Makeover”! I offer exceptional experiences for smarter spending. You will be surprised to discover the treasure trove you have in your jewelry box you’ve simply never known or forgotten about. Let’s discover it together! I often meet with my clients in person or via a Zoom conference call online. I invite you to book an appointment with me or Contact me today to find out more!

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