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15 Creative Engagement Ideas to Wow Your Soulmate

by Kat Morrow

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Ok. You’ve bought the engagement ring or have picked it out, and now it’s time to plan the proposal. You probably have a million ideas on how to surprise your partner, and your family and friends are likely very helpful and open about sharing their thoughts. So how do you narrow it down to the BEST idea?

Every individual, couple, and relationship is different. Understanding your partner’s needs and desires is the best place to start. For example, your partner may not be too excited about a public proposal. Something more intimate may be their desire. On the flip side, your partner may want to be surrounded by family and friends and have a big party after the proposal.  Knowing your partner so intimately, you have a good idea of which type of proposal will be perfect!

One thing for certain is that your partner will remember every last detail of that engagement moment and day! Where you were, what you were both wearing, and your words and actions the moment you popped the question!  If at dinner or drinks, what you both ordered, the weather…it will be indelibly marked in their beautiful memories of this important time of commitment in your lives.  

Here are some of the best ideas I’ve found, and of course, the many couples with whom I’ve helped create their perfect engagement ring have shared their proposals with me.  Their ideas are here too!

1. Fill a Room Full of Photos of the Two of You

Unfortunately, printing photos is becoming a lost art, but there is something extraordinary about holding a paper photograph in your hands. It feels different than looking at pictures on your phone. Time stands still. No notifications are popping up, and the habit of switching from one app to another while holding your phone is not present. Printed photographs allow you just to be present with the memory. Artifact Uprising is one of my favorite photo labs.

I couldn’t think of anything more romantic! Print your favorite photos of the two of you and hang them in a room in your home or other special places. I am sure the venue you’ve selected will allow you a private space to display them for your proposal if you ask and give them the details. You’ll be surrounded by the best memories of your life while asking the most important question.

2. Design a Custom Puzzle

Pick a few of your favorite photos or just one, and add the words “Will You Marry Me?” to the puzzle. Create a quiet space for you and your partner to put the puzzle together, and then get down on one knee to pop the big question! Zazzle has some great design ideas.

3. Use a Book to Hide the Ring

Buy a blank journal or sketchbook. Cut out a square inside the book where you can set the ring. You could print some texts and photos or write a love poem on the first few pages, so when your partner is paging through, she is taken down memory lane and then gets to the hidden ring! I love this idea!

4. Go Out to Your Favorite Night Spot

Go to your favorite night spot and incorporate your proposal into live music, trivia, or hide the ring in food/dessert—something you may have ordered on your first date. Get the wait staff involved to help you plan and execute the surprise. You could also do all these ideas at home, get your family and friends involved, and then transition into a celebration after your proposal.

5. Go to the Planetarium

If you and your partner are stargazing crazy,  then you’ll both love this idea! Contact the planetarium and see if they can project the words “Will you marry me?” on the screen during the show.

6. Go to the Aquarium

This idea is super fun! Contact the staff at the aquarium and see if they can have one of their scuba divers hold a “Will you marry me?” sign against the glass while underwater. The aquarium is a popular place for families to visit and is usually very busy. It’s a good idea to ask the staff for a recommendation on what day and time is the least busy, so you have some space to propose.

7. Build a Website

This is a super fun idea for those techy couples. Build a website on a platform like Showit or Squarespace, fill it with photos of the two of you, stories, poems, and videos and then send the link to them disguised as something else. You could send the link asking if they’d like to try a new restaurant while getting ready to eat. Or tell them you found a cute boutique downtown, a new vegan ice cream place—the sky is the limit!

8. Create a Scavenger Hunt

You can create a scavenger hunt around your home, park, or city. Make it fun and memorable. Create clues hidden in your favorite places. These could be your favorite restaurants, places you’ve gone on dates, etc. You’ll pop the question when they get the last clue about where the ring is hidden. You could have family and friends waiting there, or it could just be the two of you. How They Asked has included some great tips for the fun marriage proposal idea.

9. Hire a Street Performer

Do you live in a big city where you see the same street performers daily? Are you going on vacation where there are street performers? Find a way to sneak away and hire a street performer to plan something special when you and your partner are walking by. Your partner will be so surprised! And so will all of the onlookers!

10. Include Your Children

This idea is about as memorable as it gets. You and your kids will have much fun planning and keeping the secret up to the big day. It’s guaranteed that everyone will cry tears of joy as you get down on one knee to propose to the love of your life.

11. Book a Helicoptor or an Airplane Ride

Write out the words, “Will you marry me?” on a rooftop, and then book a helicopter or an airplane ride. Hold the ring out and ask them to marry you as you fly over your home. Your family and friends could be waiting for you at your home for a celebration right after!

12. Propose on a Rooftop

This one is simple, elegant, and fun. There are rooftop bars and restaurants in most cities, maybe you have a friend with a rooftop, or perhaps YOU have a rooftop. You could decorate it with lights, flowers, and a table for two. Ask your partner to come over to watch the sunset and then propose as the sun goes down with the city lights twinkling in the background.  Hire a private chef to prepare your favorite dinner with your favorite wine or beverages.  

13. While Hiking

Suppose you and your partner are active, adventurous, and like to explore. In that case, you could pop the question from a beautiful picturesque mountaintop, in the forest surrounded by trees, next to a river, or at the bottom of a canyon. Pick your favorite hike, or try a new one. Bring a picnic in a backpack and have a little celebration afterward.

14. Recreate Your First Date

While this one is classic, it’s also very romantic. You could hit all of the places you went on your first date. Wear the same outfit. Take the same photos. It’s a walk down memory lane.

15. Go on a Boat Ride

You either have a boat, know someone with a boat, or you can charter a boat for a few hours or a day. While on the water, have your friends drive by, holding up a “Will you marry me?” sign as you get down on one knee to propose. Or create a memorable event with champagne on a sailboat—just the two of you flowing with the wind.

You’ll think of many creative ideas on your own and then add all of the ideas you’ll find online. Pick something that resonates with the two of YOU! Create an experience that makes the TWO of you the happiest. After all, it’ll be a memory that stays with you forever and a story that you’ll tell hundreds of times throughout your lives together.

Don’t forget to have someone take photos for you!! If it’s a surprise, you can plan it out so your partner doesn’t even notice your friend hiding out to capture this special time in your life. If you don’t know anyone who is photo savvy, there’s an excellent company called Flytographer that can help you find a photographer anywhere around the world!

Book an appointment with me to get truly individualized service and an exceptional experience for a smarter spend! I can help you choose an extraordinary engagement ring if you’re starting the process of finding your perfect ring…or I can help you find the right match for your engagement ring and his/her wedding band. Contact me today to find out more!

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