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Why a Diamond Eternity Ring Says “I’d Marry You Again.”

by Kat Morrow

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There are a few myths about eternity rings. One of which is around when it should be given. Some say you should give one on your first anniversary. Some say you should wait until your 60th wedding anniversary – the traditional “diamond wedding anniversary.” Then there are the many milestone anniversaries in between.  

Some say a diamond band is a perfect gift for a new mother after giving birth to her first child and to stack them after the birth of each child. But here’s the deal, you shouldn’t give an eternity ring because you have to or because it’s the thing to do. You should give this momentous gift of diamonds when you are moved to, at any time you want to, even if it is the love of your life and you want to declare it! 

Give an eternity ring just because…

…you still are crazy in love.

… you’d marry them again.

…you love your life together.

That’s all, and that’s everything.

Significance of the Circle

The circle means more than the perfect shape to fit around your circular finger. The circle represents no beginning and no end—everlasting devotion to one another. And did you know that thousands of years ago, the Greeks and Romans believed the vein in the fourth finger on your left hand ran up to your heart? While this isn’t biologically true, the symbolism still holds true.

How to Select an Anniversary Band or Eternity Ring

You can choose an anniversary band which is typically set with diamonds partly around the ring, or an eternity band consisting of an unbroken circle of cut stones, typically diamonds.

Price may factor whether you go with an anniversary band or an eternity ring.  If your first thought is that you can’t afford an eternity ring with diamonds all the way around, consider going with smaller diamonds to fit within your budget. Don’t automatically rule this out! There are ways of finding what you want, or close to what you want, within your budget.

You could also go with slightly less quality diamonds when measured in the four Cs of diamond evaluation—cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. It’s ok to prioritize one factor in favor of another to get the best diamond within your budget for this type of ring. The one area where you don’t want to compromise is in the cut. It’s the cut that makes the light dance.

You can get creative with your gem selection. Your ring doesn’t have to have clear diamonds. You could select a colored diamond to go around the whole band, yellow, for example, or choose one of each color of the rainbow. You could select the birthstones of your children or your partner’s favorite gemstone, like a ruby or emerald, for example. The choices are unlimited! There are no rules to follow.

You have as much freedom in selecting the shape of the diamond. It’s common to see round diamonds in anniversary and eternity rings. However, you can choose any shape and have the band designed to fit the gemstone—ovals, emerald cuts, princess cuts, cushion cuts, and other fancy shapes make the ring even more unique. Speaking of which, you have all the freedom in the world in band selection and design. You can have a thin band with small diamonds or a wide band with pear-shaped diamonds.

There are infinite possibilities for your ring design! And I’d be happy to help you design the perfect eternity ring for the love of your life. 

Contact me, your Private Gemologist and diamond and jewelry expert, for jewelry designs and services you’ll be wild about. I can deliver an exceptional experience for a smarter spend. 

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