red diamond, the rarest of them all

Stories of Intrigue: The Red Diamond—The Rarest of Them All!

by Kat Morrow

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MEET THE RED DIAMOND—The rarest natural color diamond of all!

Red is For Valentine’s Day

Think of all the millions of carats of diamonds which have been mined throughout the decades. Mostly white, or graduated shades of yellow, natural fancy color diamonds likes blue, pink, and green are rare. But red diamonds are the rarest of them all. Red diamonds are so rare that less than thirty true rednatural diamonds are known to exist in the world. And the largest ever was found in Brazil…a 13.90 Carat rough diamond which was cut into a 5.11 Carat…which is not large at all.  Read this story of diamonds so unusual and rare, they have only been acquired by collectors with deep pockets. 

Red Diamond – The Rarest Natural Diamond Color of Them All (

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