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Dripping in Diamonds

by Kat Morrow

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Diamond is the April birthstone!  In honor of this extraordinary gem, we’re going to dream extraordinarily BIG!!

If you are a diamond lover…this is for you!  If not, you may think it overindulgent but since I absolutely ADORE diamonds, then I’m writing this for those of you who think like me!  

Imagine you had unlimited funds and could own any number of magnificent diamond jewelry pieces from anywhere in the world; what would you choose? Would it be one amazing, rare, and unique piece…or dozens of pieces you could choose to wear with different outfits. Think about designs you love, gems or diamonds you covet, and metals like gold or platinum which excite you. Would they be new and modern designs or vintage and old-world? Would they be famous and world-renowned….or one of a kind created just for you?  What would you wear? A whole new fashion wardrobe might be needed to complement your new jewelry collection.

It’s easy for me to visualize what this adventure would feel like as I’ve had the pleasure of holding and wearing some magnificent diamonds of all cuts, sizes, and colors throughout my life while working in this industry, and one thing remains the same, I LOVE DIAMONDS! Big, bold, beautiful colorless diamonds! Rare, natural, colored diamonds like, pink, blue and yellow are gorgeous! But white diamonds are personally my desired gem!  

I’ve shared my own diamond desires to help you get your creating juices flowing and keep you thinking about your own desires.  If you’re starting to picture your coveted diamond and jewelry pieces in your own mind, let’s go shopping! Of course, we can buy anything we want online these days and have it delivered right to our doors, but wouldn’t it be fun to fly around the world in search of the finest diamonds and diamond jewelry to own? I mean, we have unlimited funds here! Dream BiG and BIGGER!! Why not make it an adventure in the hunt for these diamonds? Your quest will take you to all the corners of the world…to all continents. Get your passport ready! When you return from your adventure, you’ll be “dripping in diamonds.”

Of course, since I’ve traveled the world in search of fine diamonds and jewelry, I would be your perfect guide to accompany you on this adventure! So take me on this quest!

To help you with your new world of shopping for the rare and unique, here are some fun visualizations! If you love pink, wouldn’t it be fun to hop on a private jet and fly to Sotheby’s auction to buy the world’s most vivid pink diamond? Imagine sitting amongst rows of millionaires and billionaires as you raise your hand to bid on The Eternal Pink diamond weighing in at 10.57-carats, graded as Internally Flawless and Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink in color with an estimated value of $3,311,258. Buy that…and you’ll have plenty more where that came from!

Oh, the exhilaration!! And then imagine OWNING that Vivid pink diamond and hiring THE BEST designer in the entire world to create a setting to suit such a diamond. How fun would that be?!?!

And what about flying into remote areas like Botswana in Africa and actually visiting a diamond mining operation? Yes, I’m sure it’s difficult to get access, but you have unlimited funds, remember? You could learn about how a diamond is mined, what it takes to find these rare gems, and what they’re looking for in a rough diamond to know what the finished cut and polished gem will turn out to be. Maybe you could even purchase a rough diamond and have a special cut fashioned just for you!  From rough…to a brilliant sparking diamond!

The diamonds typically mined in most areas of the world range in color to varying degrees of warmth or yellow tint. Natural color diamonds, like greens, pinks, blues, and purples, comprise only 0.01% of diamonds mined worldwide, which is why they’re so unique, rare – and PRICEY!

One of the most famous diamonds in the world is the legendary Hope Diamond. The 45.52-carat Hope Diamond—the largest natural color blue diamond known to exist was originally worn by King Louis XIV of France and was passed down through generations until it was stolen. A diamond merchant by the name of Daniel Eliason had the good fortune of finding it and sold it to King George IV of the U.K. From there, the well-known collector Henry Philip Hope purchased it, and again, it was passed down two generations. From there, it went through a series of jewel merchants and traveled from London to New York. The diamond currently resides in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. as a gift by the famous jeweler Harry Winston.

Oh, if only that diamond could talk! And how incredible would it be to make an offer to the Smithsonian Institute to buy it from their collection? Remember, we are dreaming BIG, and “everything”  has a price, they say…no matter what it is. And you have unlimited funds!! So go for it!

The queen of diamonds has to be Elizabeth Taylor, who owned and wore some of the most famous and extraordinary diamonds gifted to her by her love Richard Burton. So, let’s just make an offer to buy one of her “gigantic” 50+ carat diamonds! The WOW factor alone is unimaginable!

Imagine the fun you’d have and the wonderful people you’d meet along the way on this quest: auctioneers, jewel merchants, gemologists, miners, scientists, designers, and more.

Each diamond…each jewelry piece would come with a story of adventure. And then, you’d create your own history wearing those gems and share your adventures of how you found them!

Was that fun? In reality, you don’t need unlimited funds to enjoy owning and wearing beautiful and extraordinary diamonds. I help clients like you every day find beautiful diamonds and jewelry at a smarter spend. If you’re in the market for fine diamonds, an engagement ring, custom jewelry, or gemstones of any kind, I invite you to book an appointment with me or Contact me today to learn more! I often meet with my clients in person or via a Zoom conference call online.

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