N.R. Hart quote, But, my darling you being different was your strength all along.

Kat’s Wisdom Corner: “You are you…and no one else.”

by Kat Morrow

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Kat’s Wisdom Corner: “You are you…and no one else.”

I love this quote for it speaks to our own uniqueness. We must always speak our own truths…to act in the spirit of our souls. I don’t ever want to pretend to be something I am not for it is liberating to be ME.

We get lost and confused when we are trying to fit someone else’s mold or fit their expectations. I’ve found myself doing this at times for whatever misguided reason. I am only the happiest when I live my authentic true self. Remember…some will love you…some will criticize you…some will try to silence you…some will dismiss you…some will try to change you. 

“But my darling you being different…was your strength all along”. When I read this quote to my fiancée Dan, he remarked “you not being afraid to be different is your strength all along”. I love that he recognizes and appreciates my courage and fearlessness to be absolutely authentic. He loves and adores me for the woman I already am.  He never tries to change me.

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