Jack Lalanne, Exercise Guru, Pro Wrestler, Health Club Owner, Juicing Machine Promoter, and Chiropractor

Stories of Intrigue: Jack Lalanne

by Kat Morrow

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Jack Lalanne! Exercise Guru, Pro Wrestler, Health Club Owner, Juicing Machine Promoter & Chiropractor!

His famous quote: “If man made it, don’t eat it!”

Jack Lalanne was a legend! He was the first face of exercise and fitness in America. He opened the first health club in 1936 and he was the guy in the tight-fitting blue jumpsuit who brought his exercise programs to America’s housewives on TV in the 50’s and 60’s. He inspired millions to get fit! 

I had the pleasure of hearing him in person as the keynote speaker at a fitness convention when he was in his 90’s and he was just as passionate as ever on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He was an inspiration!

His personal achievements in fitness were absolutely incredible…especially the ones accomplished after he was 40. His daily mantra for being “ridiculously healthy after 40” no doubt worked for him as he almost made it to 100! And he walked the talk. He lived to be a fit, healthy, 96 year old spending the last years of his life “living” not dying” for he exercised and juiced daily.   

You can read more about Jack’s philosophies on longevity on the Modern Health Monk site. Many of them I incorporate into my own wellness regimen.  Although I personally am Vegan and eating a plant-based diet, he ate both meat and veggies. 

The 7 Simple Habits Of The Jack Lalanne Diet To Be Ridiculously Healthy And Fit Over 40 – Modern Health Monk

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