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Kat’s Wisdom Corner: Generously Giving Tips for Services

by Kat Morrow

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I absolutely love rewarding service providers with tips for a job well done as an acknowledgment of my deep appreciation.  My fiancée Dan does the same, and I am proud of him that he, too, recognizes the value in doing so.  So many professions rely on tips for a greater part of their income since their wages may be lower in certain industries like food service. 

Whether it’s my hair stylist, nail or lash technician, local tradesman, restaurant server (yes, even when I have ordered online and am picking up), parking lot attendant or valet, oil change techs, house cleaning service, and on and on, I find ways to make it appropriate and acceptable to tip someone.  I find people are so grateful to be appreciated…especially when it’s not typically customary that you would tip for a certain type of service. Unless the service is horrible, of which I will still give 10-15%, I give a minimum of 22% tip…and up to 30% if extraordinary!

And even if you can park your own car, please use the valet service and give that high school or college kid a chance to earn a few extra bucks with your tip for having him/her park your car.  When I get my oil changed at Valvoline or have my tires rotated at Firestone, I tip them and say, “Have lunch on me.”  A lot of the time, I get a shocked look because I’m sure not many people do that.

I would love it if you would message me and share ways you have tipped service providers in your life.  I’d really like to expand my giving, and I may pick up some new ideas from you!

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