Choosing My Best Earring Look!

by Kat Morrow

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Earrings are a staple of every woman’s jewelry wardrobe dating back for centuries.  They can turn an OK outfit into a simply stunning look by pulling it all together!  Earrings are a stylish and versatile accessory which adds a touch of elegance to your look.  Whether you prefer delicate studs, statement hoops, or dangling chandeliers, earrings can elevate your look and showcase your personal style from casual to formal occasions. Your moods change, so why not have a selection of earrings in your jewelry wardrobe to match your energy of the day!

Choosing the right earrings for your face shape.

Just like choosing the right hairstyle to enhance your overall look and highlight your best features, choosing the right earrings for your face shape is equally important.  Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Round Face: Opt for earrings which add length and angularity to your face. Long drop earrings or angular shapes like rectangles and squares can create a more elongated appearance.
  2. Oval Face: Lucky you! Oval faces can pull off almost any earring style. Most styles of earrings work well with an oval face shape, so feel free to experiment.
  3. Heart-Shaped Face: Balance the wideness of your forehead with earrings which are wider at the bottom. Teardrop earrings or chandelier earrings can create a flattering effect.
  4. Square Face: Soften the angles of your face with earrings which are curved or circular. Hoop earrings or dangling earrings with rounded shapes can complement your features.
  5. Diamond Face: Enhance your cheekbones with earrings which are wider at the top and bottom, such as triangle-shaped or diamond-shaped earrings.

These are just guidelines, and ultimately, it’s important to wear earrings which make you feel confident and beautiful!

What shape is my face?  Follow these steps to discover it!

  1. Start by pulling your hair back away from your face, so your entire face is visible.
  2. Take a close look at the outline of your face and compare it to the following common face shapes:
    • Oval: Your face is longer than it is wide, with gently rounded lines.
    • Round: Your face is approximately as wide as it is long, with soft, curved lines.
    • Square: Your face has a strong, angular jawline, and the width and length of your face are similar.
    • Heart: Your face is wider at the forehead and gradually narrows down to a pointed chin.
    • Diamond: Your face is widest at the cheekbones and narrows at the forehead and chin.
    • Oblong: Your face is longer than it is wide, with straighter lines and a more rectangular shape.

Face shape determination is subjective, and you may find your face has characteristics of multiple shapes. Use this as a starting point to understand your face shape and explore hairstyles, glasses, and makeup techniques which can enhance your features.

Frequently Asked Questions about Earrings

  1. Are earrings hypoallergenic?
    • Hypoallergenic earrings are designed to minimize the risk of causing an allergic reaction. Look for earrings made from materials such as surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, or nickel-free metals if you have sensitive ears.
  2. How do I clean my earrings?
    • The cleaning method for earrings depends on the material. For metal earrings, use a soft cloth and mild soap to gently clean them. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials which can damage the earrings.
  3. Can I wear earrings while sleeping?
    • It is generally recommended to remove earrings before sleeping to prevent damage to your ears and your earrings. Sleeping with earrings on can increase the risk of them getting caught or pulled.
  4. How do I choose the right earring size?
    • Consider the shape of your face and your personal style when choosing earring sizes. Smaller earrings are often more subtle and suitable for everyday or business wear, while larger earrings can make a statement for a fantastic fashion look or a special occasion.
  5. What are the different earring closure types?
    • Common earring closure types include stud earrings with butterfly backs, hoop earrings with latch backs, and dangle earrings with fish-hook or lever-back closures. Choose a closure type which suits your comfort and preference. Plus consider how secure the backs are so you don’t accidentally lose an earring.
  6. How do I prevent my earrings from tarnishing?
    • To prevent tarnishing, store your earrings in a dry and clean jewelry box or pouch. Avoid exposing them to moisture, chemicals, and perfumes. Regularly clean your earrings to remove dirt and oils.
  7. Can I shower or swim with my earrings on?
    • It is generally recommended to remove earrings before showering or swimming, especially if they are made of materials prone to damage from water exposure. Chemically treated pool water can cause discoloration, rust, or other forms of damage to certain earring materials…even gold and silver.

I offer these general guidelines which may vary depending on the specific earrings and personal preferences. If you have any concerns or specific questions about your earrings, please reach out to me any time and I will help guide you.

I invite you to book an appointment with me or Contact me today as I will help you find the perfect pair of earrings!  I can also help you select or create custom fine jewelry designs.  ! I often meet with my clients in person or via a Zoom conference call online.

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