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Do my accessories make me look Fashion Fabulous?

by Kat Morrow

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When it comes to accessories, the sky’s the limit on options depending on the season and occasion. As we move into the fall season, it’s fun to play with scarves, hats, boots, and statement jewelry to add a little pizzazz to your outfit!

Here’s some hot trends for autumn!

  1. Scarves: As the weather starts to cool down, adding a scarf to your outfit can provide both style and warmth. Opt for cozy knit scarves or trendy patterned ones to make your look POP!
  2. Hats: October is a great time to experiment with hats. Fedora hats, beanies, berets, or wide-brimmed hats can add a touch of sophistication or casual chic to your ensemble.
  3. Statement Jewelry: Fall is the perfect season to showcase bold and eye-catching jewelry pieces. Try layering necklaces, stacking bracelets, or wearing statement earrings to accessorize your outfits.
  4. Boots: As the temperatures drop, it’s time to bring out your favorite boots. Whether it’s ankle boots, knee-high boots, or stylish Chelsea boots, they can instantly elevate any outfit and keep your feet warm.

Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to try a new look!  Experiment with different styles and have fun accessorizing your looks as we move into the cooler temperatures!  Take a new fresh look at your closet and mix and match to create new combinations!  

Accessorizing with jewelry

  1. Consider the occasion: Different occasions call for different types of jewelry. For formal events, opt for elegant and sophisticated pieces, such as diamond earrings or a statement necklace. For casual occasions, you can wear more relaxed and fun jewelry, like colorful bracelets or delicate rings.
  2. Match the outfit: Ensure your jewelry complements your outfit. Consider the neckline, color, and style of your clothing. For example, if you’re wearing a high-necked dress, choose earrings or a bracelet which won’t compete with the neckline. If your outfit has warm tones, consider gold or bronze jewelry, while silver or platinum can complement cool-toned outfits.
  3. Consider your personal style: Choose jewelry which reflects your personal style and makes you feel confident. Whether you prefer minimalistic or bold pieces, select jewelry which resonates with your individual taste and enhances your overall look.
  4. Consider the occasion’s time and location: The time of day and location of the event can also influence your jewelry choice. For daytime events, opt for lighter and more subtle pieces. For evening events, you can go for more glamorous and eye-catching jewelry.
  5. Pay attention to comfort: Make sure the jewelry you choose is comfortable to wear throughout the occasion. Avoid pieces that are too heavy or may cause discomfort. Consider the length and weight of necklaces and earrings.
  6. Layer and stack:  Stackable bracelets and rings are the hot trend…as is layering of necklaces.  You can mix and match metal and stone colors…it’s Boho Chic!

Picking jewelry for a color scheme

  1. Complementary Colors: Choose jewelry which complements the dominant colors in your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a blue dress, consider pairing it with gold or orange-toned jewelry.
  2. Monochromatic Palette: If your outfit consists of different shades of the same color, opt for jewelry in similar tones to create a cohesive look.
  3. Contrast: Create visual interest by selecting jewelry in contrasting colors. For instance, pair a black dress with vibrant red jewelry.
  4. Neutral Shades: When in doubt, go for neutral-colored jewelry, such as silver, gold, or pearls. These can be versatile and match well with various color schemes.
  5. Consider the Occasion: Adjust your jewelry choices based on the occasion. For formal events, opt for elegant and understated pieces, while for casual outings, you can experiment with bolder and more playful jewelry.

Choosing jewelry for any neckline

  1. Strapless Neckline: Opt for statement necklaces or chandelier earrings to draw attention to the bare neckline.
  2. V-neckline: Pair a pendant necklace which follows the V-shape of the neckline.
  3. Halter Neckline: Skip the necklace and instead focus on statement earrings or a chunky bracelet.
  4. Scoop Neckline: Choose shorter necklaces which sit just above the neckline, along with drop earrings.
  5. Off-the-shoulder Neckline: Showcase statement earrings and choose a daintier collar-type necklace to keep the focus on the shoulders.
  6. Collared Neckline: Opt for delicate necklaces which sit just above the collar to show in the open neckline. 
  7. Boat Neckline: Try longer pendant necklaces or layered necklaces to complement the wider neckline.

Defining your style with jewelry is a personal and creative process

  1. Experiment with Different Pieces: Try out different types of jewelry, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Explore various styles, materials, and designs to see what resonates with you. Step outside your box!
  2. Consider Your Wardrobe: Think about your existing wardrobe and the colors, patterns, and styles you typically wear. Choose jewelry which compliments your outfits and enhances your overall look.
  3. Reflect Your Personality: Jewelry is a reflection of your personality and interests. Choose pieces which align with your personal style, whether it’s minimalist, bohemian, vintage, or edgy.
  4. Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different jewelry pieces to create unique combinations. Experiment with layering necklaces, stacking rings, or combining different metals and gemstones.
  5. Find Inspiration: Look for inspiration from fashion magazines, social media influencers, or jewelry designers. Take note of styles which catch your eye and incorporate elements of those styles into your own.

Choosing jewelry for your skin tone

  1. Warm Skin Tone: If you have a warm skin tone, which usually has golden or peachy undertones, gold, copper, and brass jewelry tend to complement your complexion well. Earthy gemstones like amber, coral, and turquoise can also be great choices.
  2. Cool Skin Tone: If you have a cool skin tone, which typically has pink or bluish undertones, silver, white gold, and platinum jewelry can enhance your complexion. Gemstones like amethyst, sapphire, and emerald can also complement your cool undertones.
  3. Neutral Skin Tone: If you have a neutral skin tone, lucky you! You can rock both warm and cool tones. Consider mixing metals or experimenting with a variety of gemstones to find what suits you best.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me any time!  I love helping women accessorize with beautiful jewelry.  I even offer wardrobe makeovers to help you mix and match outfits to your jewelry wardrobe.  

I invite you to book an appointment with me or Contact me today to learn more about Fine Diamonds & Jewelry! I often meet with my clients in person or via a Zoom conference call online.

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