Stories of Intrigue: 16 Incredible Stories of Healing Through Yoga

by Kat Morrow

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Through the process of devoting themselves to practice, these humble and strong women and men have found a healing journey that has radically shifted their lives.

Interestingly, yoga has been a lifesaver for many a yogi…those who practice yoga. It incorporates building the body’s strength, balance, and flexibility through beautiful and rhythmic stretching, physical and breathing movements. It is every bit a spiritual practice as well as a physical practice. It heightens your senses, can evoke emotional release, and activate mind & body self-healing. How can this practice, which almost anyone can do, give us so much in that small bit of time? 

Personally, I have been a yogi for only about 5 years.  I’m a personal trainer and therefore focused on strength building with weights and bands. My daily running and walking built up my cardio endurance. But…something was missing. It was when I discovered yoga that my workout regimen became more balanced and my overall wellness in all areas improved. I am more powerful mentally, spiritually, and physically, and my performance and recovery in my other fitness modalities has heightened. 

I came across this article which shared the powerful transformations of 16 people who believe yoga healed them, and in some cases, saved their lives. Read on…maybe it’s time for you to get inspired to take your practice to a new level…or begin to practice if you’ve been hesitant.

16 Incredible Stories of Healing Through Yoga – Sonima

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