Kat’s Wisdom Corner: Who is your Tribe?

by Kat Morrow

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I know very well who my Tribe is. They are tried, tested and true! They are my inner circle of loved ones, family, friends, and clients whom I can always rely on through the ups and downs of living life!

My Tribe has my back…and I have theirs. They are the ones who love you, support you, cheer you on, lend a hand, lend an ear, advise you, challenge you, laugh and cry with you, and without hesitation – defend you even when you’re not present in the room! They know you, believe in you, fight for you, and would never allow someone to disparage your name or reputation in their presence. Loyalty runs through their veins!  Betrayal is not in their vocabulary! They also know I, in turn, return this right back to them for I am part of their Tribes!

Cultivating close and personal connections is critically important to me. I am a creator of amazing relationships and have spent a lifetime building bridges…not burning them. My network is tight knit. These are the types of relationships which transcend time and distance…for it doesn’t matter how much time has gone by…we can pick up our relationship in a heartbeat right where we left off. I have a long memory and our history is indelibly marked in my heart and mind. We have survived the test of time.

God has truly blessed and surrounded me with some pretty incredible people. So, to my Tribe, I say thank you for being such an integral part of my life. You are loved, adored, and cherished. Thank you for being there for me…I will always be there for you! You can count on it!

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