kindness, joy, Princess Diana quote, Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone may do the same for you.

Kat’s Wisdom Corner: How often are you randomly kind? Be a joyful giver!

by Kat Morrow

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Randomly doing or saying kind things are my absolute favorite! It’s so joyful to do something kind for another person…especially those which are so unexpected and catches someone by complete surprise. Kind gestures or words can uplift another in ways which cannot even be measured.  It literally can make someone’s day!  We really just don’t know what someone is going through in their life, and having someone do something kind and unexpected can change their mindset and have a rippling effect. Think of the times when someone has made you feel special and appreciated. Doesn’t this motivate you to pay it forward? Get in the habit of doing something kind daily for someone else and it will fill and expand your own heart.

Here are my personal top 20 favorite random acts of kindness.  There are thousands more!  What are your favorites?

  1. Hold the door for someone behind you.
  2. Ask “how are you? and wait for an answer.
  3. Help an elderly person unload their groceries into their car.
  4. Put money into an almost expired parking meter.
  5. Tell someone how beautiful their smile is.
  6. Compliment someone on their outfit or hairstyle.
  7. Express how well-mannered their child is.
  8. Buy a lemonade and cookies from a child’s stand.
  9. Give an extra generous tip for service.
  10. Hand a $5 gas gift card to someone at the pump next to you.
  11. Put an uplifting note on someone’s windshield.
  12. Text an old friend out of the blue.
  13. Give fresh flower stems to strangers on the street or in the park.
  14. Buy someone’s coffee or groceries or fast food who is next in line.
  15. Return someone’s grocery cart as you pass them by at their car.
  16. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  17. Walk someone to their car under your umbrella in a rainstorm.
  18. Carry small bills in your glove compartment or wallet to hand out to people in need.
  19. Stop in for a visit to the residents at a nursing home or assisted living.
  20. Send a surprise text to friend or loved one.

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