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An Engagement Twist: Asking Him to Marry You!

by Kat Morrow

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Traditions are evolving…

Traditional engagements and weddings are still the desire of many a couple…but…engagement proposals, wedding plans and honeymoons are getting more personalized and out of the ordinary.  Couples are getting more and more creative in reflecting their personalities and opting for unusual ring designs, creating memorable proposals,  and planning hybrid types of weddings in unusual venues like at the beach, in the mountains, or in a restored barn.  Anything and everything goes these days.  Nothing seems to surprise me anymore and it’s truly fun hearing all the great stories shared by these couples on their social media.

Ladies…do you feel confident taking the lead and popping the question to your man?

Weddings and honeymoons are planned AFTER the engagement.  In that case, who proposes to who?  Wouldn’t it be fun and memorable to break tradition and ask your man to marry you?  Can you imagine yourself taking the lead and doing this?

Nothing says a woman has to wait for her man to propose to her.  In fact, I’ve worked with several female clients who bought an engagement ring for their man…and he turned around and bought an engagement ring for her.  They both exchanged beautiful rings!  The guys were totally thrilled their ladies asked them for their commitment in marriage.  

It’s never been a more perfect time to break free from traditional gender roles and take control of your own destiny!

Here are some important considerations when thinking about getting engaged.  Before you pop the question, make sure you are both ready for marriage. Have an open and honest conversation about your future plans, goals, and aspirations. Make sure you are both on the same page and share common values.  Remember marriage is a partnership, and proposing to him is just the first step.  A strong commitment to each other and willingness to work through the ups and downs which come with any relationship is paramount for a successful partnership.  

Once you have established you are both ready for marriage, it’s time to start planning your proposal.  There are many creative ways to pop the question.  I share some ideas below too so check them out.  

So, does the thought of this excite and intrigue you?  Well then take the leap and ask him to marry you!

Do you need an engagement ring for him?

Of course…it’s the perfect symbol of your love and commitment!  You can either select a ring style you think he’d love or propose with a different piece of jewelry like a bracelet, chain with a cool pendant, or a watch.  Then after he says YES, you can both design your engagement rings for each other.  This gives you a day of focused time together and you each get exactly the ring you desire. 

You can plan a whole day of shopping and a fancy dinner to celebrate. You’re essentially extending the whole experience.

Proposal Ideas

Propose with a pet. This shows your partner just how committed you really are. Make sure you’ve talked about having pets someday and are on the same page. Instead of picking out the pet on your own, you could plan a trip to the humane society and pick out a dog together.

Are you adventurous and in love with someone who’s adventurous? You could propose with plane tickets! This surprise could go several different ways. You could print trip plans and wrap up the documents as a gift to unwrap. Or, for the super adventurous, you could pack a suitcase for him, pick him up in an Uber, and head right to the airport!  This would take some planning on your part to make sure it’s ok with his boss, and all of his personal commitments are taken care of, but it would be worth it for the look on his face!

Are you the minimalist type of couple who likes to keep things simple? Cook dinner and plan a quiet night at home for the two of you. An engagement doesn’t have to be a big event. Especially if you’re practical, focused on your future, and want to put the money toward a down payment on a house or paying off student debt.

There are so many fun and creative ideas when it comes to proposing to your partner. Make it your own. Make it memorable and something you both love that’s in alignment with your values.

Not only does this show him how much you love him, it also shows how much you respect him as a person, and value your union as a couple.

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