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Stories of Intrigue: How I Got Started in the Jewelry Business

by Kat Morrow

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It’s a Funny Story, Actually

Very early in my career, while still in my 20s, at a time before the internet and the search for jobs meant answering an ad in the local newspaper, I found my dream job. Imagine perusing the columns of ads and spotting what would turn out to be my new career. The headline read “ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT OF A DIAMOND COMPANY.” It was a blind-box ad, so I had no idea who this company was.

But, as soon as I read that headline, I knew that was my job. Me…a lover of diamonds since I was a kid, would I now work for a diamond company! So, I naively sent off my resume, absolutely certain they would contact me and I would get hired. I called all my friends and family and told them I had found my dream job – all before I even heard back from them.

Then the call came.  It was from Robert Haack himself. Robert Haack was the king of diamonds in Milwaukee – visibly known to all because of his iconic TV commercials looking through his gold loupe (eyepiece) at a large diamond. I was flabbergasted this “celebrity” was calling me for an interview. I confidently went in even though I was young, inexperienced, and not at all certain about what I was about to undertake. It didn’t matter, for in my mind, the job was already mine!   

The first person I met at my interview was another young woman named Christine, who was the staff Graduate Gemologist. I had never even heard of a gemologist. “What is a gemologist?” I asked. When she told me how she studied at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), got her degree in Gemology, and was now the buyer and appraiser of fine jewelry for Robert Haack Diamonds, I was blown away.

Not only was I going to be the “Assistant to the President of a Diamond Company, I was also going to be a Graduate Gemologist. I had a new professional career to boot!  Hot damn!  This was getting bigger and better!

My interview with Robert Haack went extremely well, and even though he showed me the literal stack of hundreds of resumes he received for this position, I had already claimed this job in my mind. Obviously, the intrigue of working for a diamond company attracted many qualified assistants who worked for major corporate heads. Women with much more experience and qualifications than me had applied for this job…but I can assure you, none had the passion I did for getting this position and this new career as a gemologist.

I was sent away with the assurance I would hear back in a few weeks with his decision after about 20 more interviews had been conducted. Still, I was not discouraged. I was emboldened and hopeful! It was a Friday, and I spent the entire weekend dreaming of this job and calling all my friends and family to tell them what I would be doing. I was certain of it, and none of their voiced concerns that I was getting my hopes up too high even resonated with me. It was my job, and I saw no other outcome.

So, on Monday morning, I got a call from another company I had interviewed with offering me a position. It was a fine company and a great job, but it was not “my” job.  They only gave me 24 hours to make my decision. So, mustering up all of my chutzpah even though I was literally scared to death, I called Mr. Haack and told him of my dilemma. I explained I really didn’t want to work for that other company, I wanted to work for him, and my exact words were etched in my mind. “Mr. Haack, I know you said you would get back to me in a few weeks with your decision, but I don’t have a few weeks.

I really want to work for you, so could you please make a decision right now?” He was silent for a moment…probably in shock at my boldness…and said, “Yes! When can you start?”  I said I would give a 2-week notice, and the rest is history.  So, the funny thing is, in all my excitement over the potential of working for him and having a new career, do you know I never even asked what the salary or benefits were? I totally did not care.  I might have paid him!  Hah!

This was the start of the most amazing career and mentorship by one of the world-renowned diamond icons and experts in the industry. Another story at another time will detail how I eventually became the owner of this retail jewelry chain in Wisconsin when Mr. Haack retired. 

So, what is the moral of the story? You can attract and get what you want through visualization and believing in something so strongly it is sent to you to capture it. That is the universal law of attraction! My dream was to work with diamonds and surround myself with the beauty of fine jewelry.

So, I placed myself there, saw myself in that role, and there was no way it was going to turn out any other way. I stepped way out of my comfort zone to go after what I wanted! We all need to do things that scare the hell out of us sometimes! I’m so glad I closed my eyes and took that leap of faith to get my dream job and career!  

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